Hey, so i am a really bad typist and need to improve on my abilities. I intend to accomplish this task by writing in this here online thing. Why, you ask is it so important that i learn to type better? WELL i am a law student and evidently “they” are expecting me to take a rather large and intimidating test at the end of my three year life shelter. I guess i won’t be able to hind in the womb of academia forever. Or will i? He asks typing at the speed of a toddler. So yea, it’s hot as balls here. I dare not complain. Heat is preferable to the cold. Just finished my first john grishem book. “The rouge lawyer”. It was pretty good. I have historically been more of a fantasy guy, but adulthood beckons. Night the unanswering void, i’ve got another 10 hour day tomorrow.


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